Celebration Ideas Amidst This Lockdown

  1. Organize a video call with all the loved ones
  2. Build a virtual treasure hunt
  3. Create a Then & Now memento
  4. Organize an online theme party with games, questionnaires and songs
  5. Build a photo collage or a magazine
  6. Make a video of your memories together or collect wishes from everyone
  7. Post a ton of wishes on social media
  8. Bake a cake at home and cook their favourite meal.
  9. Make funny comics through the ‘Bobble’ App
  10. Pre-plan a big surprise party for post-Lockdown
  11. Create a handmade card or write a personal letter
  12. Host a netflix party with movies, drinks and snacks
  13. Donate to a charity or distribute food to those in need
  14. Book their favorite activities online like a virtual tarot reading session
  15. Create a home-spa or in-house camp
  16. Create a personalised bingo with your favourite moments together
  17. Make a scrapbook of all your chats, memories and pictures
  18. Book a virtual call with an online celebrity or band
  19. Plan their day with different activities designed by you
  20. Gift an online gift card that they can use post-lockdown

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