Ways To Ensure A Peaceful Environment During Lockdown

1. Create a safe space in the house to run to or a personal space for every person, if possible.

2. Mind your own business. Stop telling others what to do and focus on yourself more, they can handle themselves.

3. Avoid unnecessary arguments or sensitive topics, it’s of no use riling each other up and spoiling your days ahead. Put old issues on a temporary pause or forgive and forget.

4. Focus on spending positive time with each member of the family. Pick up hobbies together like playing board games or cooking.

5. It’s obvious that technology has become our only saving grace during this time. But don’t let it steal away these precious family moments. You can always tune into tv or netflix and watch shows that you both like.

6. Divide the chores so that no one person has to do it all and allot timings so they can manage their time accordingly.

7. Get an outsider involved, it could be another family member or a therapist, if things are really difficult at home. It’s an extremely sensitive time and all of us need all the support we can get.

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